I consider myself fairly experienced through all my jobs I’ve had in my life. But working in the admin and business unit in my Clubhouse is a different kind of experienced. There are many jobs and tasks to be done in admin and business. At the moment I am working with doing the F.Y.I. every day. ( For Your Information). I write articles for our blog and I also write articles for our Newsletter. I also attend and participate in our unit meetings.

I was also the outdoors type and very active with running, training in the gym and labouring jobs, also, I did a lot of walking. I am working in admin and business 2 years now and I have taken on a new role as a person and my personality has tamed a lot. Basically, admin and business has changed me socially and gave me more practical skills. It is challenging but I don’t ever regret it. Clubhouse is a great advantage for me now and I consider myself an active member.

Peter Higgins

‘I like to do many activities in the clubhouse. Tai chi is my favourite. I never tried it before attending Saol. I also tried out the community garden. I would like to try there again in the future. I get lovely food in the clubhouse and it saves me having to cook at home. I also like meeting up with friends at Saol’

Geraldine Wynne

‘My name is Keven Warren and I attend Saol Clubhouse. I usually work in the Maintenance unit and mainly in the Kitchen.  There I maintain the kitchen area. I usually help ensure the clean-up is done and work as a kitchen assistant preparing the food. I have a keyworker in the Clubhouse, who I go to if I need.  When I say maintain I mean I ensure the up keep of the kitchen and I take responsibility in preparing the lunch for each day. I know that my work here is not only valued but needed’

Kevin Warren

I came to the dub house for a day orientation in December

This was put in place to see if l like the clubhouse and to find out what happens on a day to day basis in the clubhouse. On the orientation l spent time in all the areas. l went to the community garden  one day, on another day l made Christmas cards  in the business unit and on another l stent time in the kitchen preparing veg for the dinner

The time in school in the clubhouse is a little different as   we start a bit earlier in the morning this will take a bit of getting used to.

l hope coming to the clubhouse will help me build up skills in computers and in other things that could help me if l ever get a job

I’m happy to come here as it gets me out of the house and gives me something to do. I like starting something new



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  1. I enjoyed this and reading other people’s testimonials.


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