Electric Picnic

In September 2015 Saol Clubhouse had a sculpture on display in Electric Picnic. It was a big project and almost every member of the clubhouse was involved in some element of its construction. It took us around six months to complete and was a real team effort.

IMG_0289  IMG_0280  IMG_0274

IMG_0298  IMG_0301

The excitement was amazing, as the picnic got closer. Everybody got stuck in and got involved! We had an amazing time going down to the picnic before it opened. Seeing our own sculpture as well as the whole festival being built was brilliant, so much time and effort by so many people. Everyone was so friendly and there was a real sense of community. We all knew we were part of building something special.

We got lots of praise from many people which was lovely too!

Have a look at some of our pictures! Look how beautiful it looks at night! 🙂


2015-09-10 15.59.59  photo  2015-09-10 16.01.19

IMG_2702   IMG_2701


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