Kilmainham Gaol

On October 5th 2016 members from  Saol Club went on a day trip to Kilmainham Gaol. We met in McDonalds for a latte and bite before getting the Lous to Hueston. It was a lovely walk up through the grounds of the art gallery and at about half eleven we arrived at the Gaol. We started our visit by having a look around the museum. This is a new addition to the jail and was really interesting. We got to see some of the old clothes worn by the prison guards and some of the mugshots of the old prisoners. Information was also available on their crimes and we were amazed to learn how minute the crimes were. For example one prisoner served two months for stealing some turnips from a nearby farm.

On arrival at the actual jail we were given a guided tour where we learned about the history of the place. We were shown around the different blocks and cells in the building and learned about the different prisoners who occupied them. Specifically those from 1916.

We asked some questions about what happened in the gaol at different times in it ‘s history and our tour guide was excellent at answering each and every question with a lot of detail.

We then went to the restaurant and had a nice meal. At  about  3’oclock,we went home ;

A marvellous day had by all.


By Eric O Brian

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