Our Weekly Gym Trip

Every Thursday from 11.am to 12:00 about five of us from the clubhouse go to the gym in Finglas. Four members go to a fitness class called Agility; which is light exercises for the whole body. Those who attend say they really enjoy it and that it’s very good for them physically and mentally, so they gain greatly from it. Personally myself I go up to the Gym upstairs. Here I go on the cross trainer to warm up, then I move over to the free weights to strengthen my upper body. This is really great for getting the blood pumping. After which I go over and hit the floor mat and do crunches for the stomach muscles.

I then go on the machines which give the legs a good workout and the chest, back, shoulders, also the biceps and triceps, get pumped up to. I work out for about 45 minutes being careful to drink some water all the way through, after that i do cooling down exercises and all though a am a bit knackered after it but it’s worth the effort because I feel great both physically and mentally.

I think more members should come to the gym and fell the benefits.

Noel Donohoe.


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