Japanese Gardens and the National Stud

Saol trip to national stud Japanese gardens and Kildare village 21 members and staff of Saol headed off to Kildare for our outing on the 30th of June.  There was a convoy of 3 mini buses that brought us down to Kildare.  Our first stop was the national stud.  We had a guide that showed us around the stud and showed us a sculptor of William Walker who donated the national stud to the horse elite. The sculptor was unveiled by Queen Elizabeth on her visit to Ireland in 2011.   We saw the stables of the race horses and the fields were they rest. There were too many race horses to mention. We then had a picnic outside with wraps and crisps which the staff made for us. They were appreciated by everybody. After lunch some of us went to the Japanese gardens.  There were lots of streams, steps, plants, and bridges. It was a joy to go around them. After the gardens we headed to Kildare village. There were lots of designer shops which were very up market. It was great to see. After that we had a coffee, and then headed back to Dublin. A great day was had by all.

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