Interview with Mary about quit smoking programme

Mary CollinsSAOL: Hi Mary, how many weeks is the course?

Mary : 7 weeks in total, so far we’ve done 2 sessions

S: How long are you smoking?

M: Since I was about 12

S: Why do you want to quit?

M: Because, Im fed up of it and the damage it does to your body.  Ive tried to quit before, it’s a terrible habit, standing outside in the rain – getting wet for no good reason.

S: What does the quit smoking programme involve?

M: Well, we’re learning about the damage cigarettes do to your body, we are looking at our own smoking habits and triggers for smoking. Im learning so much and its getting me in the right mindset to quit. Its very interesting and I hope others might be encouraged to quit too. I’ve cut down a lot already and hope to quit altogether.

S: We wish you the very best of luck with it Mary

M: Thanks very much and thanks to Saol for putting on the programme and supporting me with my decision to quit.



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