Suicide or Survive Wellness day by Peter H

A workshop on mental health and wellness took place in our Clubhouse on the 4/2/2016. The two presenters were all set up with computers, projectors and we were given a folder with a mental health survival booklet and accessories. The attention span with held right throughout the day from 9 – 4 pm. They were very keen on what they were doing and it came across that way as well. They also put out beautiful bowls of fruit for each table which gave us a nice sense of belonging and a great welcome.

The atmosphere was rigid with attention and we also were able to engage with any questions. There was vital information that had been researched and practiced and we were all very appreciative towards these two amazing people.

It was not complicated but simple and easy to grasp. They talked for some time as well on their own life experiences and it would make you wonder how they survived at all. Their stories were very real and touching. I never heard anyone talk about themselves so openly and freely like that before. We will all be forever grateful. There was plenty of humour involved throughout the day as well. We all had a great time and wish them every success in the future.

Forever your friends

Caroline and Robert


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