Owen Purcell Visit

The day Owen Purcell came to saol

It was a sunny day in May when Owen Purcell came to saol, Now many of you may ask who is Owen Purcell  and what does he  do. Well Owen works for Iarnrod Earinn and he kindly offered his time to give a talk about his job and the health and safety that applies to passengers and train drivers alike.


The most common talked safety issues were to keep behind the yellow line while waiting for a train at platforms and another point is to mind the gap between the train carriage and the platform while boarding the train. One question was put to him what was the job out of the ordinary that he had to do and he replied that while he was driving his train he had to stop the train and whoosh a swan to get off the train track. After the talk we all had a cup of tea and had a chat.


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