My first ever Flash Mob by Dominic

green ribEVE centres – Estuary, Tuiscint, Cherryfield, Saol, Suaimhneas,  Ardnua, Conai, Thomas Court and  Castleview went into town for the  Flash Mob on Friday 8th May 2015. The idea behind the flash mob was to promote and create an event for the green ribbon campaign.  We all went to the top of Grafton Street and walked along South Kings Street.  The High Hopes choir joined us on the day, they sang two songs ‘High Hopes (kodaline) and ‘Lean on me’. The choir started to sing at Twelve ‘O Clock which was our cue to freeze. We froze for the full song(about 3 minutes or so), we all stood still like statues with the regular shoppers and tourist moving in-between us wondering ‘what is going on here’.  When the choir finished the Flash mobbers started to move again.  We went up Grafton Street and St. Stephens Green handing out Green Ribbons to the general public. After that some of us went home and some of us went for something to eat. Plenty of photos were taken and video’s, some of which are up already. I’m glad to have taken part in this event, I feel that spreading awareness reduces the stigma of mental illness and that matters to me.  That was our day as the Flash Mob. Dominic Caldwell flash mob2015 (21) flash mob2015 (3) flash mob2015 (4)  


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