Trip to Dublin Castle

IMG_4797 IMG_4814 IMG_4784 IMG_4808Dublin Castle day trip had been gearing up for about a month and it was not disappointing. Two staff members and five clubhouse members met outside the central bank and then walked up toDublin Castle.

I found it fascinating that some of the old Castle still remained alongside the river puddle. Our guide was indeed very impressive and answerable to all our questions. The rooms we visited were enormous and very nicely decorated.

The history was electric and all the portraits were facilitating and very helpful. The whole tour took about an hour and was well worth it at the cost of 3 euro each. There were also toilets and a courtyard.

The church had a huge organ and I was very keen to visit it.  There was a lot of history but it was manageable.

Overall, it was a great day trip and after we finished our tour we had a cappuccino and tea in a pub on Parliament Street.

The Clubhouse provides me with the opportunity to see these famous places. l feel privileged to be a member.

By Christy Tracey.


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