Trip to the Gym

treadmillactive body healthy mind

I took part in the visit to the gym with the clubhouse on Monday, 23rd of March. It was the first time I’d been to the gym in 3 years. When we got there I headed straight for the treadmill, as this is what I was most familiar with. I started my workout with a slow walk, then built up speed over time. It suited me to just focus on the treadmill this time round.

I was not sure if I would enjoy the trip to the gym and I was a bit anxious, however it was really great and I am definitely looking forward to going again. I would also like to try the boot camp class that is available, as this is something different that I have never tried before.

Finally, I know that by going to the gym with the clubhouse is not only a way to maintain my physical health, but also benefits me in looking after my mental health.

By Tony Dunne.


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