Trip to the Guinness Brewery

Guiness Guiness 2 Guinness 3

Myself and 7 other clubhouse members went to the Guinness Brewery on Thomas Street.  Eric’s father got us passes to the brewery which was very nice of him.  We went to the first floor and saw the barley and hops. We saw the advertising from times gone by.  We went into where the coopers made the barrels from yesterday year. We went to the tasting area where they showed us how to taste your Guinness.  Then we went to the roof top bar and had a pint and some people had a soft drink.

We now know that Arthur’s  wife had 21 children 11 of which survived, and learned that Guinness is sold all over the world and is big in Africa.

 Linda got a certificate for pulling a great pint.

 A good afternoon had by all.

By Dominic Caldwell.


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