I am a member of saol clubhouse which is a career based place for people with psychiatric/mental illnesses.  The members of the club-House get involved in meaningful work involving the running of the clubhouse.

I find saol clubhouse beneficial in ways such as doing office work, I type and log minutes and invoices on the computer, meeting other people and a place to go during week days.  As well as computer work there are chores such as reception duty, catering and the tidy-ing & cleaning the clubhouse.

Saol also offers an adult writing class an art class, thai chai and offers Members an opportunity to go to a gym once weekly.  Members who wish to go to the gym are required to bring a track suit and a towel with them on the day the clubhouse go to gym.

All members get a free lunch which is prepared in the kitchen by clubhouse members on catering duty and a chef.  Besides the meals of the day, there is an alternative option for lunch such as salads, sandwiches and toasted sandwiches which are prepared in the coffee dock.  Elevenses is also provided by saol clubhouse.

The address of the clubhouse is: Saol, unit 14 Tolka Valley Buisness Park, Ballybogan Finglas.

Joanne Aherne.


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