Lucy….. The trip

The Clubhouse organised a trip to the Film “Lucy” on the 10th of September 2014. Three of the Clubhouse members, Richard, Christy, and Conor met with staff members Edel and Linda outside the Odeon cinema in Blanchardstown Picture house at 4.20 as the film was scheduled to start at 4.30. The seats allocated to us were pretty decent as they were in the middle of the theatre.

The film itself was brilliant. It was a unique story about a lady “Lucy” who is kidnapped when delivering a package which contains a new Super drug which has the power to transform mankind by giving the ability to use the full capacity of ones mind. Lucy is subject to be tested like a human guinea pig for the drug and the results are beyond belief as the film progressed.

The idea for the film was unique and I cant think of a film prior to it that has the same kind of storyline which is why I thought it was unique. After the film myself, Conor and Christy went to Burger King for a meal and then headed off home. It was a great outing.

Everybody enjoyed the afternoon and we all lived happily ever after.


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