The Future Focus Programme consists of both Education and Employment

The Clubhouse Education Programme helps members to both access and complete Community Education courses. The aim of the programme is to give members the opportunity to build skills and confidence in their own personal pursuits so that members can focus on the aspects of themselves that are far beyond an experience of illness.

The programme includes; 

  • An opportunity to link in with local Career Guidance officers in the area.
  • Helping Members to identify areas of interest, researching various courses and completing applications.
  • Providing information and resources to help members with course fee’s.
  • Providing a space, computers and support  that members can utilise to do course research or complete homework assignments.
  • Members can get I.T. support to help with technical aspects required for the course, such as; using Microsoft word or the internet.
  • Help members to identify and tackle barriers to aid achievement in their personal goals.
  • Celebrating successes.

It is envisaged that most members will be enrolled in formal education or community based education within local areas. The programme will help members to navigate the education process from beginning to end.



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